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Bopping Heads Crowd
Always a crowd whenever you open!
The most unique form of party and event entertainment!
Bopping Party

Always new videos makes them come back again and again!
Your guests will agree that Bopping Heads is the most
UNIQUE and HILARIOUS form of Party Entertainment Ever!

Take home a DVD or Flash Drive or Email a Friend.
A memory that will last a lifetime!
Bopping Heads Party
All ages, all shapes, all sizes, all events, all venues!
Bopping Heads Crowd

If there is a Bopping Heads present,
you will be non-stop working from open to close!

Bopping Heads Aerial
When there's a Bopping Heads around,
just about everyone wants to participate!



Optional Upgrades

We now only use Intel Processors which will enable you to integrate the following programs to the system at any time.

- Photo Booth
- GameShow
- FlipBooks
- i-Bobbles

Prior to adding the Intel processor, these programs would have had to be added seperately with individual hardware systems of their own, but now with the Intel processor, these programs can be part of the same system all without losing any performance.  In fact, while most people believe the Mac processor to be faster, the Intel Processor force records about 10 seconds faster than the Mac processor. And time stamp output is .2 seconds faster with the intel processor over the Mac processor.

What is Bopping Heads
You almost have to see it to believe it!  Huge crowds gather for Bopping Heads Dance & Entertainment Videos, absolutely the hottest entertainment craze utilizing "green screen" technology to superimpose your heads onto professional dancing bodies. Up to four people at a time sit in front of the camera as they "Bop" their heads to thousands of available songs*!  Our exclusive Bopping Heads Digital system can also capture the performance, which can be then transferred on to DVD instantly with No wait time. These DVD's can be handed to your customers immediately and we can also send to a friend or family via email.

Purchase a system from us and get 25% off during September.

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fun to operatoe
Imagine going to work approximately 2-3 days per week for about 4 hours each of those days and making twice as much as you do with your current job!  Imagine not having to deal with unhappy customers, no problems, no headaches, just fun, laughter and happiness just about 100% of the time! 

Now imagine a business with just about as low of a start-up cost that you can find along with the ability to make your entire investment back within just a few days of operating it!

Just about the ONLY business you will make money while you market yourself! There are literally hundreds of venues in your area that you can easily operate your Bopping Heads System. You can open a Bopping Heads business just about anywhere there are people.  Malls, Fairs, Festivals, Carnivals, School Fundraisers, Events and Tradeshows are fantastic and proven money makers!  In addition to opening in any of these venues, you will receive many, many requests from people wanting to bring Bopping Heads to their own private parties such as Birthdays, Mitzvahs, Anniversaries, Corporate Parties, etc. 

Bopping Heads is so viral and unique, people will want to bring Bopping Heads to their party as soon as they see it at someone else's event!   In any one city, you can see as many as dozens of DJ's and Karaoke operators, however we limit the amount of operators to ensure that we do not saturate the market with Bopping Heads.  While we only sell to one Operator per geographic area (this can be a city, county, msa, or in some cases more) depending upon the population), we do not limit where you can go with your system.

Bopping Heads

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Our Bopping Heads start-up packages include everything needed to open for business.

  1. Remote Video Jukebox ensures no messing around with ejecting DVD's to find the right video.  Just point and click the video and you are done!  Save minutes on each performance which will dramatically increase the revenue per hour.
  2. Now over 900 variations of videos with new ones added each month! 
  3. Professional Dancers, Animation, and Video Editing all done in our own BHE Studios.  We do not utilize any outside vendors, editors, etc.  Additionally, take a look at our dancers and our animation.  Our dancers are professionals and we don't consider sliding a picture across the screen animation.  Our custom animators are among the best in the industry!
  4. We have made it easy and affordable so that just about anyone can open their own Bopping Heads Business today and be open for business within just a week!  There are literally thousands of venues where you can open up a Bopping Heads Center either permanently or at temporary festivals, fairs and shows!
  5. Our support is available 5 different ways with tech support available 7 days per week, 364 days per year!  We are always there for you!
  6. Optional Stools and Lighting also available.


  1. All Digital - we can now integrate a variety of new options into the Bopping Heads System including:
  2. LIGHTER YET MORE POWERFUL - Bigger is NOT Better!  The original system weighed over 100 lbs.  Our new Bopping Heads Digital Express weighs as light as 47 lbs*! and the new EntertainerDX weighs around 30 lbs.  Plus it only takes a few short minutes to set-up!
  3. FASTER! - while our original Bopping Heads System had no complaints in the way of speed, the new Bopping Heads Digital Express is even faster.  The time to rotate customers takes just seconds and the next video is just a click away!
  4. Screen Mirroring - the original Bopping Heads system required a special television which would flip the images so that participants could move in sync with their bodies.  The new Bopping Heads Digital Express has the option built-in!  No special TVs needed.

*2016 System Includes Standard: Complete Bopping Heads System with all accessories & PhotoBooth.  Optional upgrades include: FlipBooks, GameShow & Guest PhotoBook.

Financing: The Bopping Heads System is approved with many Financial Institutions including GE Capital, Lease Station, and the Federal Credit Union System. We do not accept payment via Credit Card for Bopping Heads Systems.






Bopping Heads Dance Heads Videos is a fantastic new concept in all types of party entertainment. Bring Bopping Heads to your next Birthday, Bar Mitzvah, Fundraiser or Special Event. Audiences of ALL ages are entertained by "Big Head Dance Videos."  System shown above is the Bopping Heads standard system.


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